Machine Vision


Machine vision is indicated to use computer imitating human being’s vision. By the way, it is used computer to analysis human being’s 3D vision. It is a kind of vision machine equipped with sensors and installed in different machines. Through process of optical technology, image recognition and computer technology become more and more mature. Machine vision not only can be used in recognition of computer games, mobile devices or other applications of consumer. After the mature of development technology, It is also be used in industrial fields as checking products or being a unmanned cars’ recognition systems or security protection systems…etc.  


The application of machine vision in industrial fields is to replace labors to check the products. It can find the shortcut of the products. Most machine vision applications are using in check and keep quality of products. Of course, it can also to judge the objects or measure the distance. For example, being the eyes of the robotics and replacing human beings to drive the cars. It is also need to combine with artificial intelligent systems. 

In the meanwhile, the machine vision using in product test and check is to proofreading and position, this is the big usage for machine vision in manufacturing field. Expect to check and test products artificial, the check speed of human being is slow and can’t recognize total correctly. For the reason, machine vision can increase the detect effectiveness and enhance the products quality. Besides, machine vision is also to category product and control the quality.  

The devices concerning machine vision need to combine different expert field. At the first, if you want to catch images needs to enough light and cameras; second, use software and stability systems to deal with the catching images; third, for all kinds of applications as product detecting systems or controllers, alarm device or brake systems of unmanned car..etc.