Display | Full IP65 Optical Bonding

All IP65 stainless steel monitor is a product used under harsh environmental conditions. Some factories are full of dust, oils and chemicals compared to the average factory; some factory equipment such as food processing machinery and pharmaceutical equipment need to be rinsed with copious amounts of water to prevent bacterial growth or product deterioration to meet local food hygiene and safety standards; Or some outdoor occasions are usually subject to heavy rains, but no shelter should be provided to keep the equipment in operation. At this time, waterproofing is very important and helps prevent any damage to the device. Therefore, all IP65 displays are commonly used in food processing, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, slaughter and mining industries. Severe industrial environmental conditions.

If you are looking for a display technology which can let your display more brilliant and more contrast for directly lights, or for the environment has high light conditions. Maybe it also needs subject to harsh and demanding environment. Optical Bonding display technology is what you are searching. 


Compare with traditional display technology, optical bonding technology can bring more product life period and make the maintenance more easily epically in busy public space. According to the traditional combination of display, there are air gaps between touch panel and LCD display, this will reflect the light and reduce the monitor contrast.


When a display is in a humidity environment, air gaps will cause the moist or condensation generate between the air gaps. To prevent from the condition, we use optical and light-cross adhesive glue is stuck between the flat panel and LCD to enhance the contrast ratio. Besides, the adhesive can offer adequate strength to keep it from any damage as scratch, glass smash which is caused by high difference in temperature..., etc. There are many types of gluing way depending on the firm to use.


Because of the features of optical bonding technology, it can widely use in pubic for digital signage or interactive equipment as kiosk, query machine, ticket machine or booking machine in outdoor.


In addition to the Optical Bonding Full IP65 display, users can also choose Kingdy's Full IP65 box pc for display. There is also another Full IP66 box under development for use with the monitor. Perhaps the user's computer host is not installed in harsh environments, and there is shielding to protect the host. At this time, users can refer to our other boxes, such as cubic box, book box, slim box and so on, each model only low-power CPU, but also high-efficiency CPU.


5 Wire Resistive Optical Bonding

Kingdy’s WM series –Full IP65 Stainless steel 5 wire resistive monitor is a kind of products which are adopt using in harsh environmental conditions. Compare with general factories, some factories are full with dust, oil and chemicals; some factory equipment as food processing machine and pharmaceutical equipment needs to be flushed with plenty of water to avoid bacteria breeding or products to become rotten to reach the local requirements of food hygiene and safety standards; or some outdoor occasions are usually attacked by heavy rain, but there cannot set up any shelter to keep the operation of the device. In this time, the product function of waterproof is very important and helpful to avoid any damage of the device. For this reason, the full IP65 display are often applied in food processing, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, butchery and mining …etc. severe industrial environmental conditions.

True Flat Optical Bonding

IM series – Full IP65 True Flat monitor- the whole display made by 6-side-seal SUS304 stainless steel. The I/O adopt M12 waterproof connector and have the special treatment. The whole appearance looks like square, elegant. Expect whole machine have waterproof functions, the display also design with true flat treatment. Seamless design let it easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe slightly, the oil, and dust will clean up. This let user do not worry about the dust and the oil will stuck in the gap and become not easy to clean. Users also don’t worry the touch panel will damage because usually clean with water.