Full IP66 Box PC

GB and VB series is embedded pc made of full IP66 aluminum material and equips with M12 waterproof connector. The appearance is compact, rounded, low-keyed and steady. Suitable for combining with any equipment, the whole machine is compatible. It can equip various kinds of CPUs from single-working to high efficiency and multi-working. Customers can choose I/O ports, voltage, memory, hard disk which accord to their requirements.

This kinds of  full IP66 embedded pc is special design for severe environments. Not the same with general industrial factory environments. Some environments are full of dusty, chemical, oil or have to accord to food safety standards. After using the equipment each time, the devices require plenty of water strong water column to clean the devices to prevent from the growing of bacterial to pollute the products. In outdoor, the devices are intruded by strong, heavy rain but cannot set up any shelters. It is a very important issue to prevent from water and keep the devices operate stable in the moment. Therefore,  the machines are often be applied in food, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, butchery and mining industries environments.

Besides full ip66 embedded pc, kingdy produce all kinds of touch display to go with full IP66 embedded pcs. If the environmental conditions is waterproof all-around. Users can refer to our full ip65 display- WM or IM series. The main I/O ports for full IP65 display are VGA ports or USB or RS232. There are also DVI and HDMI ports for optional. If the computers hosts are set up waterproof area but the displays are not. User can select or SM or TM series. They have rich I/O ports as DVI, HDMI, VGA..etc. for reference.