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Kingdy technology Inc. are specialized in producing industrial pc as industrial panel pc, industrial box pc, and industrial display. Different with consumer pcs, industrial pcs need more stability and the strong chassis because they are used in serious environment them consumer type ones. The application of industrial pcs is very widely as industrial automation, food processing, machine vison and surveillance are only some fields that the industrial PCs use. Some A/I and cars are also used industrial pcs to be their main equipment.  


Industrial Panel PC (29)

Kingdy Technology Inc. are devoted in producing industrial computer and we have various types of industrial panel computer for different applications. For example, Aluminum front IP65 industrial PCs SP and TP series can keep from slight water, oil and small rain. If the user’s environment is more serve and need more waterproof user can Full IP65 Aluminum industrial panel PCs.

Embedded Box PC (3)

Kingdy’s are now dedicate to developing embedded box pcs for different industrial applications as automation, food and Food & Pharmaceutical processing, machine vision, and surveillance such as environment.

Industrial Display (11)

Kingdy’s touch screen monitor are specially designed for industrial field use as automation, food processing, surveillance, machine vision…etc. The chassis are based on Front IP65 Aluminum chassis and Stainless steel Full IP65 chassis, and Aluminum front IP65 chassis and metal chassis.