Surveil means to keep continually concern about behavior, activity or other changeable information. In order to achieve the goals of influence, management, indicator or protection, there are many ways as phone record, camera surveillance even mail surveillance..etc.  In above ways to monitor, the camera surveillance is most adopted widely. 


Camera surveillance device is an indispensable part of nowadays society. From example, the surveillance of supermarkets and factories or the safe maintenance of the community and road monitoring concerning people’s life and property, or house surveillance, and so on. We are living a world being full of much surveillance. However, the goals of them are to prevent from the thieves, damages or keeping the factories operation normally.  


Traditional analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) was composed of camera, cable, and record device. The old design is using tapes to record images. Owing to tapes size are big, they need spacious space to store, this is not an economic way. Through the p development of semiconductor technology is growing, the matures of calculator capability of CPU, and the process of image compression technology, The digital closed-circuit television was born. In recent years, the size of storage equipment becomes smaller and smaller, the internet also becomes popular, those help the network monitoring equipment are common, even the general family can have the equipment.


The Most digital monitoring system use CCD to be photosensitive element, but the element price is expensive; however, the CMOS is cheaper than CCD and the development of CMOS technology is exceed over CCD. Most of digital monitoring systems are using CMOS to do the main photosensitive element. Because of many systems are installed in harsh environment, it is necessary to prevent from the dust and the water. The second reason is stability. These reasons cause many industrial computers manufactures to enter the field of Safety monitoring systems.


Ethernet power supply technology is using RJ45 to transfer data and electricity; it let the digital safe monitoring systems have another power supplying ways. Using ethernet to supply the power for electronic equipment is economical and convenient. Without installing additional power supply devices, the POE Lan ports can supply power to the equipment and it can be compatible with devices having POE Lan ports.       



Kingdy is devoted to develop new panel pcs and box pcs with POE lan ports. Without adopting and electronic power cables, the POE lan ports can offer enough power to your surveillance systems and you can monitor directly by our host one device can most equip four POE lan ports to meet your requirement.