Slim Box Computer

Kingdy’s Slim Box Computer is a kind of thin and lightweight products, the main body are painted with iron-gray, and it take rounded design to increase the looks of the whole body. In order to increase the stability of the system, the top of the body is made of aluminum heatsink. When users use the system, the heatsink will keep the temperature stable and the system will not damage because overheat. 

In addition, this slim Box Computer can be equipped with various CPUs - from the power saving type-Intel Atom J1900 to the high-efficiency – Intel 4th gen , 6th gen even 7th gen CPU. Users can select different products according to the required voltage, I / O, memory capacity, SSD or HDD. Most models are fanless design, not only it can save the cost and maintenance time of engineers, but also can provide from annoying noise when the PCs are operating. If your product needs to be used in the harsh temperature and environmental conditions, Kingdy also provides wide temperature types. 

The slim box computers are mainly adopt X86 windows operating system, and there are multi-language systems to be chosen. Users are accustomed to using the window system do not have to worry about learning and being familiar with new operating system; even software developers can also develop related software. In addition to the window system. Users who have the requirements of using other systems as linux and android, kingdy also provide the service; even some systems preloaded on the Pcs which eliminating the trouble of installing the operating system, but also reduces the problem of driver compatibility. 

Kingdy also offers different types of touch screen to allow users to go with the slim Box computers. If the environment is full of moist, dust, and chemical material, kingdy provides fuIl IP65 touch screens such as WM and IM series for reference. The main I / O ports are VGA, USB or RS232; optional I / O ports are DVI and HDMI. If the environmental conditions are not harsh, users can refer to the SM and TM series, they have rich I / O ports providing users various output options. Of course, there are wide temperature touch screens to match the harsh temperature and environmental conditions.

In addition to the touch screens, Kingdy also offers a wide range of options such as, WIFI modules, Canopen and PROFITBUS expansion modules to enable industrial applications such as industrial internet, factory automation and more.


General Temperature (2)

Kingdy's slim box PCs are designed to meet the requirement from
Controllers, thin clients and other appliance users. Our embedded PCs
are easy to install & maintain, with an industrious design to fulfill
fanless applications . Which are supplied by Intel 4th Gen i3/i5/i7 and and Intel Atom J1900 processor with rich I/O connectivity to meet variety of application demands.

Wide Temperature (3)

Kingdy set out to meet the critical demands of almost any rugged environment, the Slim Box PC is specifically designed to be operating temperature ranging from -30°C ~+60°C or -40°C ~+70°C.Equipped with low power consumption processor, the features high reliability and expansion capability.