True Flat PCT & 5 Wires Resisitve Optical Bonding

The Full IP65 True Flat PCT & 5 wires resistive touch monitors and panel PCs - the whole display made by 6-side-seal SUS304 stainless steel. The I/O adopt M12 waterproof connector and have the special treatment. The whole appearance looks like square, elegant. Expect whole machine have waterproof functions, the display also design with true flat treatment. Seamless design let it easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe slightly, the oil, and dust will clean up. This let user do not worry about the dust and the oil will stuck in the gap and become not easy to clean. Users also don’t worry the touch panel will damage because usually clean with water. 


In the aspect of the mechanical design, the full IP65 true flat displays mainly have 12.1”, 15”, 17”…etc. 4:3 touch ratio. There are also have 16:9 ratio 21.5” can be choose. In the Backlight parts, the main stream is LED module; it not only can let the display color more vivid, but also can save more power. The outputs of the output of the display adopt VGA port, there are I/O port of RS232 or USB interface can be used. In order to extend the product life of the true flat display or have the function of anti-glare , users can also choose our AR glass optional accessory.


The type of this IM series stainless steel true flat touch panel pc, not only can flush with water directly, but also can prevent from dust, water, rain, snow, oil and corrosion. Different the general industrial environment, the displays are more suitable for using in harsh environmental condition as the chemical factory full of chemicals or refinery with much oil pollution and food and pharmaceutical factory having high requirement of safety and hygiene conditions and it also can be used in slaughterhouse or mining …etc industrial occasion.