Touch Function

What is Resistive Touch Screen ?

Resistive touch screen is the most basic and common touch screens. Resistive touch screen works by sensing "pressure".  Resistive touch screen consist of two transparent sheets with a small gap between them. Each sheet is coated with a transparent conducting material and a uniform electrical resistance value is applied to the surface of each sheet. When the top sheet gets pressed and contacts the sheet behind it, electricity is conducted and the location of the conduction point is detected and sent to the touchscreen controller. The controller will receive all data to calculate the touched position exactly.

If you press hard on the touch screen, you can feel the screen bend slightly. This is what makes resistive touch screen works that two electrically conductive layers bending to touch one another, as in this picture :


Resistive touch screen can also sense the touch of objects other than your finger, such as a stylus, gloved hand, rubber, etc.

Benefits :

  • Long Lifetime
  • High Durability
  • Better Sensitivity
  • Support finger, gloved hand and stylus touch function
  • Stain-resistant and liquid resistance

What is Capacitive Touch Screen ?

The capacitive touch screen works by sensing the current of human body. In capacitive touchscreen display, glass panel is covered with a capacitive layer with a static charge. When person touches the screen with finger, some of the charge from capacitive layer is transferred to the person, so the charge on the capacitive layer decreases. The controller calculates location based on the ratio of these currents. As in this picture:


Compared to a resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen results in smoother operation. 

Benefits :

  • Support multi-touch 
  • Easy to use and clean
  • More sensitive to touch
  • Sharper images with better contrast
  • Better Durability

What is Infrared Touch Screen ?

Infrared touch screen is to use a dense matrix of infra-red x, y directions to detect and locate the user's touch. It works by embedding LED lights and sensors into the bezel of a monitor above the glass. These LED’s beam a signal across to the corresponding sensor on the other side forming an invisible grid. When the grid is broken by a finger, the sensors can detect the touch point. Therefore, it's easy to judge the position of the touch points on the screen. As in this picture:


Benefits :

  • High Stability & Reliability
  • Long Lifetime
  • Easy Activation
  • Cost Effective

If you have questions about which type of touchscreen, please contact us. We can help you make the right choice.