Food, Beverage, Chemical Industry

KINGDY IPC is dedicated to providing long life manufacturing support for the embedded market. 
Product availability commitment for all panel PCs, box PCs and displays are 7-15 years as defined by Intel®.

Nowdays, food producing processes are highly automated, KINGDY’s rugged Industry 4.0 solutions offer flexible and efficient ways for food & beverage ..etc manufacturers to fulfill different demands in product variability while maintaining the safety of the food and supply.

KINGDY’s variety of industrial display solutions, which include full IP stainless steel Panel PCs and full IP stainless steel monitors from available size 12.1" to 24" , are specifically designed for the food, beverage, labeling, fish, meat, bakery... different food industry. All components are easy to clean and disinfect. In addition, they are corrosion resistant which helps to prevent cross-contamination at the harsh environments with 304/316 full stainless chassis.

  • Easy to Clean
    KINGDYs durable stainless steel panel PCs and monitors withstand rigorous equipment cleaning and sanitizing regimens helping to ensure the safety of the food and supply

  • Enhanced Hygiene and Safety
    Suitable for operation in harsh environments with a high potential for exposure to dust, condensation, and water.

  • Consistent Quality
    Displays designed to industry standards, like all around IP65 ratings to prevent foodborne illnesses


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