Touch IPC | Full IP67

The full IP67 /IP66 True Flat Touch PCT & 5 Wires reisitve touch panel PCs boasted by kingdy are made by full 6 sides Aluminum chassis and the waterproof I/O ports are adopt M12 waterproof connectors. Besides full IP67/IP66 waterproof function, the true flat touch panel pcs equip multi ponits touch panel, let customer using more convenient.

The appearance of the full IP67/IP66 panel PCs look like compact and grace.The true flat design of  let users clean the panel more easily and don’t worry about the water will permeate through the touch panel and make touch panel become damage. Seamless design make it easy to clean and maintain. Just wiping the touch panel carefully, the oli and dusty the panel will be cleaned. The users are not afraid of the dusty will attach on the panel gap.     

The fanless full IP67/IP66 panel PCs equipped with J1900, 6th /7th  i3 / i5/ i7 processors based on different sizes of displays from 10.4" to 19" with different types of touch screens ,which also equipped with richest waterproof I/O ports .These industrial computers also designed for long-life operation 24/7 with high reliability and stability solutions too. Meanwhile, these industrial computers also can be made with optical bonding solution for high brightness and general brightness solutions. 


GP Series - True Flat PCT / 5W (15)

● Fanless no noise
● Rugged and compact solution
● Full IP67 Alumium design
● Intel J1900, 6th / 7th i3 / i5 / i7 procesor
● True Flat PCT & 5 Wires Resistive touch screen
● Waterproof connectors
● VESA mount
● Optical bonding, high brightness sunlight readable solution