Cubic Compact PC

Kingdy’s Cubic Compact PCs are a type of space-saving and lightweight products. Body material are made of stainless steel and aluminum and can match any equipment. In order to increase the stability of the cubic compact pcs, the heatsink design makes the products keep from overheating to ensure the related devices to run stable.


In addition, this types Cubic Compact PC can equip a variety of CPUs - from the power-saving- Intel Atom J1900 to high-efficiency -Intel 4th gen 6th gen even the 7th gen are available. Customers can accord to the voltage, I / O ports , memory capacity, SSD, or HDD which they really required. There are also many different mounting ways such as Wall mount, VESA mount or Din Rail for customers to choose. Most models are fanless design; not only t it can save cost and time of maintenance and cleaning, but also can avoid annoying when operating. If the product will be used in severe temperature and environmental conditions, Kingdy also provides a wide temperature solution.


The type adopts main stream X86 window operating system and there are multi-language systems can be select. For the users who accustomed to using window operating system, they do not worry about have to learn and be familiar with the new operating system even software developers can base on the window operating system to develop related software and application services. In addition to the window operating system. If users intend to use other operating systems such as Linux and Android, kingdy also can provide such as service. Even some systems can be pre-installed on the pcs, decreasing the users trouble to install the operating systems, and reducing driver compatibility issues.


Kingdy also offer various types of touch screen to allow users to work with cubic compact Pcs. If the environments are full of moisture, dust or chemicals, even the device needs to be washed with water after using. Kingdy provide FuIl IP65 monitors such as the WM and IM series; the main output I / O ports are VGA, USB or RS232; optional I / O ports are DVI and HDMI. If your screens are used in general environment and do not need waterproof function, you can also refer to SM and TM series, its rich video output I / O ports, let users have a more diversified output options. Besides the wide temperature Cubic Compact PC, You may need a wide temperature screens to adapt the harsh temperature and environmental conditions.


Kingdy also support a wide range of options such as WIFI module allowing the device to connect to the Internet. It's Suitable for industrial internet, factory automation and machine learning…etc industrial field. 

General Temperature (4)

Set out to meet the critical demands of almost any rugged environment, the Cubic Box PCis specifically designed to be operating temperature ranging from -10C ~ +50°C .Which is also a field controller designed for remote management application. equipped with low power consumption processor, the features high reliability and expansion capability. This controller has a compact mechanism design and adopts compact design solution to fit in any space-limited environment., is ideally suited for use in applications like unmanned room, factory automation, industrial machine and more..

Wide Temperature (5)

The wide temperature cubic box PCs is suitable for intelligent computing and communication solutions in critical environments, such as power plant automation, facility monitoring systems, industrial automation, machine-to-machine applications.. etc., which supports low power consumption processors with extended temperature -30°C ~ +60°C or e -40°C ~ +70°C and rich I/O connectivity to be your best choice to fit into your harsh and extreme environments.