Touch Panel PC | Full IP65 (6 sides)

Full IP65 touch panel pc – are special design for some harsh environmental conditions. Different from the general industrial working environment, some of the industrial working environments are full of dust, chemicals, oil …etc. or some environments demand to correspond with food and safety standards; so after using devices every time, the device need using water in force or spouting out water strongly to avoid bacteria breeding or the products being polluting in after each producing or the outdoor where was attacked by heavy rainfall but cannot set up any shelter. At this moment in time, it is very serious and important topic to prevent water to operate the devices normally. Therefore, the full ip65 5 wire touch panel pc are often applied in food, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, butchery and mining industries, etc industrial environments.

Touch Panel PC | 5W (22)

WP series – Full IP65 5 wire resistive touch panel pc – are special design for some harsh environmental conditions. boast 6 sides full ip65 stainless steel material and equipped with waterproof M12 I/O connectors. The appearance is extremely compact and square. Moreover, the simple looks touch panel pc collocating with any device makes it looks like harmonious totally.

Touch Panel PC | True Flat (24)

IP series-Full IP65 True Flat Touch Panel PCs boasted by kingdy are made by 6 sides seal SUS340 stainless steel and the I/O ports are adopt M12 waterproof connector. Besides full IP65 waterproof function, the true flat touch panel pcs equip 10 point touch panel, let customer using more convenient.