Touch Panel PC | Front IP65 (97)

Kingdy's Front IP65 Touch Panel PC can divided into two models- SP and TP series. Full aluminum anodized chassis with hairy brush enhances the texture of the touch panel pc.. Owing to carrying front IP65 chassis,​ They can prevent from splash water slightly, small rain, and snow, dirty, and oil. ​The panel ratios both have two sizes- 4:3 and 16:9; and adapt power saving LED backlight module. SP series equipped with 5 wire resistive touch panel . The TP series is true flat type equipped with ​5 wire resistive touch panel . ​

Touch Panel PC | Full IP65 (6 sides) (55)

Full IP65 touch panel pc – are special design for some harsh environmental conditions. Different from the general industrial working environment, some of the industrial working environments are full of dust, chemicals, oil …etc. or some environments demand to correspond with food and safety standards; so after using devices every time, the device need using water in force or spouting out water strongly to avoid bacteria breeding or the products being polluting in after each producing or the outdoor where was attacked by heavy rainfall but cannot set up any shelter. At this moment in time, it is very serious and important topic to prevent water to operate the devices normally. Therefore, the full ip65 5 wire touch panel pc are often applied in food, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, butchery and mining industries, etc industrial environments.

Touch Panel PC | Metal Chassis (17)

kingdy’s metal chassis touch panel pcs satisfied with all kinds of users’ needs. The user can accord to their requirements of CPU, I/O ports, power voltage to choose different mainboards to adapt various environmental applications. 5 wire resistive – signal touch design- the metal chassis touch panel pcs are more easy to use and convenient.The size of the metal chassis touch panel pcs is for 15”,17”,19”,21.5” to 24”. Expect the 16:9 panel ratio of 24” and 21.5”, the others are 4:3 panel ratio.

Touch Panel PC | Full IP67 (10)

GP series-Full IP67 True Flat Touch Panel PCs boasted by kingdy are made by 6 sides Aluminum and the I/O ports are adopt M12 waterproof connectors. Besides full IP65 waterproof function, the true flat touch panel pcs equip 10 point touch panel, let customer using more convenient. The appearance of GP series look like compact and grace.The true flat design of let users clean the panel more easily and don’t worry about the water will permeate through the touch panel and make touch panel become damage.

Embedded Box PC (45)

Kingdy technology Inc. are devoted to develop various kinds of embedded Box PCs to meet users requirements as Full IP65,Full IP66 Box PCs, Tiny Box PCs, Slim Box PCs,Cubic Box PCs and Book Box Pc …etc.

Display | Front IP65 (23)

Kingdy's Full IP65 Aluminum Front Panel Touch Display can divided two models - TP series for true flat and SP for economic. ts. Kingdy anodized the surface of the aluminum chassis to extend the life of aluminum chassis which are very easily to oxidize and let the display life is longer which are used in harsh environmental conditions. In additional, through the anodizing, the front chassis can keep from slight water, small rain, snow, dust and even oil. This let the touch display are easily to clean and maintain and reduce the time cost of users.

Display | Full IP65 ( 6 sides) (11)

Full IP65 Stainless steel monitor is a kind of products which are adopt using in harsh environmental conditions. Compare with general factories, some factories are full with dust, oil and chemicals; some factory equipment as food processing machine and pharmaceutical equipment needs to be flushed with plenty of water to avoid bacteria breeding or products to become rotten to reach the local requirements of food hygiene and safety standards; or some outdoor occasions are usually attacked by heavy rain, but there cannot set up any shelter to keep the operation of the device. In this time, the product function of waterproof is very important and helpful to avoid any damage of the device. For this reason, the full IP65 display are often applied in food processing, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, butchery and mining …etc. severe industrial environmental conditions.

Display | Metal Chassis (5)

The size of kingdy metal chassis display is from 15”, 17” 19” 4:3 ratio to 21.5 and 24 ratio and are main stream products, the output I/O ports are various I/O ports, it also offer one USB or RS232 interface. If the users have the requirement for extending display’s product life or keeping from glare, kingdy have AR glass can be chosen. If your display are using in direct light environment, we also provide optical bonding optional accessories. This is another solution for enhancing display contrast ratio. Besides, it can prevent from scrape, moist, and foggy entering into the display and condensing on the display.

Display | Full IP65 Optical Bonding

Compare with traditional display technology, optical bonding technology can bring more product life period and make the maintenance more easily epically in busy public space. According to the traditional combination of display, there are air gaps between touch panel and LCD display, this will reflect the light and reduce the monitor contrast.