Company Profile

Kingdy is Taiwan Industrial PC Provider

Kingdy Technology Inc. an expert in industrial computer manufacturer from Taiwan. We not only specializes in manufacture IPCs, but also devote to enclosure design and technology drawing.

Kingdy's parent company, Hong Jue International Co., Ltd., is an master specialized in metal forming and coating combining. With advantages of mother company, Kingdy manufacture different kinds of industrial panel computers and monitors with elegant and edge designs, rugged construction, powerful performance, and flexible mounting options.

According to different needs, we can help customers plan or design the products meet their requirements. Whether the size of LCD, touchscreen function, enclosure design, and other optional functions, you can choose in order to your applications.
Through cooperation with Kingdy, you can obtain the innovative and professional solutions.

Our Core Values

Product Line

Kingdy Technology Inc. product lines include Industrial Touch Panel PC, Industrial Touch Monitor, Open Frame, embedded PC. In order to meet market needs, we continuously research and develop Industrial Touch Panel PC and Industrial Monitor. Both of them are Kingdy’s the most well-known products. According to different features, these can divided into several series.

There are 6 series in Touch Panel PC, including SP Series, TP Series, WP Series, IP Series, GP Series, MP Series. There are 6 series in Touch Monitors, including SM Series, TM Series, WM Series, IM Series, GM Series, MM Series. We’ll provide correct product for you according to your requirement.

Recent years, we also devoted to developing embedded PC including Full IP65 Box PC, Cubic Box PC, Book PC. Kingdy Technology Inc. also provide ODM service for our customers except standard products. We’re going to look forward to your attention sincerely.

Besides, we also offer ODM services to fully meet customers’ expectation and the needs of various applications.



Concerning our environment, it is nature to protect our mother nature as best as we can, also apply adequate way to sustain natural resources, and reduce the wastes and emission in order to prevent global warming that dramatically jeopardize our environment more than imagination.