Company Profile

Kingdy Technology Inc., the expert of Industrial PC was established in 2002. It’s mother company Hong Jue devoted to producing computer and monitor mental chassis . Depending on the competitive advantages of mother company, from 2002, kingdy cooperated with many important and famous customers and established Industrial PC Department in 2013. The main products of kindgy are Touch Panel PCs, Monitors, Displays, and Box PCs which can offer many kinds of application for Industrial fields such as Industrial Automation, Machine Automation, Home & Building Automation, Food & Pharmaceutical Process Automation, Chemistry, Machine Vision, Transportation, Medical & Healthcare , Surveillance…,etc.  Kingdy's  offer high performance  CPU from Intel 7th/6th/4th Core,Intel Atom J1900, and i Max 6 Cortex A9. Besides, Kindgy's also offer Window , Android, and Linux ...etc for customer for pre steps applications.  


Through the integration of mother company which is specialized in designing and manufacturing metal chassis , kingdy provide high quality and high valued products and service for customers. We also design outstanding products in different products line.  


Fast and Convenient solution.

Kindgy, in industrial fields, provide the fastest and most convenient solution and excellent integration for clients.    


Focus on worldwide market

Looking around the world, kingdy earns customers’ trust and having well-known clients all over the world.


Excellent Product Design

Kingdy’s products have high quality control, in additional, our products are easy to install and maintain. They are easy to integrate with other modules to become the total solutions.