Embedded Box PC

kingdy technology Inc. are devoted to develop various kinds of embedded Box PCs to meet users requirements as Full IP65,Full IP66 Box PCs, Tiny Box PCs, Slim Box PCs,Cubic Box PCs and Book Box Pc …etc. Customers can chose as the what they needs. Kingdy also provide Window system, Android system and Linux system for customers to further applications.  Beside Full series Box PCs, you can also select our displays to match your box pcs to let your box pcs promote maximum benefits.


Full IP65 Box PC (10)

Kingdy's full box pc is special design for severe environments. Not the same with general industrial factory environments. Some environments are full of dusty, chemical, oil or have to accord to food safety standards. After using the equipment each time, the devices require plenty of water strong water column to clean the devices to prevent from the growing of bacterial to pollute the products.

Full IP66 Box PC (12)

GB series is embedded pc made of full IP66 aluminum material and equips with M12 waterproof connector. The appearance is compact, rounded, low-keyed and steady. Suitable for combining with any equipment, the whole machine is compatible. It can equip various kinds of CPUs from single-working to high efficiency and multi-working. Customers can choose I/O ports, voltage, memory, hard disk which accord to their requirements.​

Tiny Box PC (5)

The Tiny Box PCs of the TB series are micor pcs mainly used 2.5 "motherboards, so they are very tiny,micro, compact and light weight. If the users’ equipment or space is limited and cannot accommodate large body, but need to use the PCs to start the device, tiny Box PCs is the best solution. The fuselage is mainly made of stainless steel with aluminum. Because of fanless design, the body above the use of cooling aluminum heatsink to solve the problem of overheating to keep the stability of the equipment and reduce equipment repair costs and time due to fan failure. Its installation is very simple and can be divided into two main ways-Din Rail and Wall mount, the users can install their own.

Slim Box Computer (5)

Kingdy’s Slim Box Computer is a kind of thin and lightweight products, the main body are painted with iron-gray, and it take rounded design to increase the looks of the whole body. In order to increase the stability of the system, the top of the body is made of aluminum heatsink. When users use the system, the heatsink will keep the temperature stable and the system will not damage because overheat.

Cubic Compact PC (9)

Kingdy’s Cubic Compact PCs are a type of space-saving and lightweight products. Body material are made of stainless steel and aluminum and can match any equipment. In order to increase the stability of the cubic compact pcs, the heatsink design makes the products keep from overheating to ensure the related devices to run stable.

Book Compact Computer (4)

Kingdy’s Book Compact Computer is a kind of product which its appearance is between a thin and mini. The whole body is painted with iron gray and the top cover are made of aluminum heat sink to increase system stability which it is using. Because of heat sink, the CPUs are not overheating and the keep working smoothly. In addition, this kind of Book Compact Computer can equip with various CPU from power saving to high efficiency , Users can accord to their needs to choose the I / O, voltage, memory capacity, SSD, HDD. Most models are fanless design, in addition to annoying noise; it can also save the maintaining and cleaning time by engineers.