Gaming & Casino

KINGDY IPC is dedicated to providing long life manufacturing support for the embedded market. 
Product availability commitment for all panel PCs, box PCs and displays are 7-15 years as defined by Intel®.


KINGDY IPCs are dedicated to support  a variety of rugged industrial solutions ideal for open frame panel PCs and open frame monitors with different brightness and optical bonding solutions optional which also equipped with true flat PCT touch screen, vandproof proof glass..etc. The open frame monitors equipped with different I/O ports such as VGA, DVI, DP as well as HDMI.

Available sizes from 10.4" to 24" , the open frame panel PCs based on the Intel® solution are ideal for high quality and high performance solutions everyday use of gaming environment for 24/7 such as gaming / casino systems, slot machine, lottery, voting machine....etc.

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