FB Series - Full IP65 Box PC

The fanless full IP65 stainless steel box PCs equipped with Intel J1900, 7th i3 i5 i7 processors ,which also have richest waterproof I/O ports, WIFI..etc. The enclosure is made by 304 material also designed to prevent oil ,dirty. water..etc under harsh enviroment usage.

These IP65l box PCs also designed for long-life operation 24/7 with high reliability and stability solutions too for factory automation, food automation, industrial automation, process control management.


General Temperature Full IP65 Box PC (2)

● Fanless and no noise solution
● Rugged and compact design
● Full IP65 stainless steel enclosure
● Intel J1900 / 7th i3 i5 Processor
● M12 Waterproof connectors
● Rich I/O ports