Book Compact Computer

Kingdy’s Book Compact Computer is a kind of product which its appearance is between a thin and mini. The whole body is painted with iron gray and the top cover are made of aluminum heat sink to increase system stability which it is using. Because of heat sink, the CPUs are not overheating and the keep working smoothly. In addition, this kind of Book Compact Computer can equip with various CPU from power saving to high efficiency , Users can accord to their needs to choose the I / O, voltage, memory capacity, SSD, HDD. Most models are fanless design, in addition to annoying noise; it can also save the maintaining and cleaning time by engineers.


Besides the original motherboard with I / O ports, this model also has many RS232 and USB ports, so that users can integrate or connect different devices to be the bridge of equipment. If the user do not need so much RS232 or USB ports in this time, they can integrate more products and equipment in the future. The book compact computers can be applied in many occasions as industrial automation, semiconductor factories, factory automation, and so on. Kingdy’s also provide wide temperature types let users can apply in harsh environments.  


This model mainly adopt X86 windows operating system, and there are multi-language systems can choose. Users who are accustomed to using the window operating systems do not need to learn and be familiar with the new operating systems even, software developers can also develop related software according to the mainstream window operating system without having to worry about software compatibility. In addition to the window operating systems, Kingdy also offer Linux and android systems for users to select. Some systems are even preloaded on the computers, and eliminating the hassle of installing the operating system and driver compatibility issues.


Kingdy also offer various touch screens, this allows users to use with Book Compact computer. If the environment is full of moist , dust, even chemical materials. The users can refer to our fuIl IP65 screens such as WM and IM series. The main I / O ports are VGA , USB or RS232; and the optional I / O ports are DVI and HDMI. If the users do not require the waterproof types, they can refer to our SM and TM series. Their I/O ports are richer than WM and IM series and can provide users a more diverse choice.


General Temperature (3)

The general temperature type of book box Pcs can equipment various kinds of CPUs as Intel Atom J1900, Intel 4th gen and 6th gen CPU. It can integrate with different device to make the book box pcs can be applied widely.

Wide Temperature (1)

The wide temperature type of book box PCs equip with Intel quad core E3845 to suitable more serious environmental occasions. There are two kinds of operating temperature of the book box pcs- -30 ~ 60°C or -40 ~ 70°C depend on the mainboard components. Users can choose what they really needs.