The new Industry Revolution in 21th century Industry 4.0

Industry the fourth industrial revolution, it appeared Hannover Industrial Fair 2011. It was a high technology plan initiated by Germany. The main three purposes are digitized, computerized and wisdom to integrate all the process for technology, sales, and after-service. Different the past, the industrial revolution is focused on the development of technology, and it ignores the sales and the after-service, but the Industry integrated with the three items. It let the sales not only for se...

Compact field controller runs Yocto Linux on i.MX6-Linux Tiny Box PC

Kingdy’s compact, fanless “TB-045S” and -20 to 70°C ready “TB-045W” systems run Yocto on an i.MX6, and offer 9-36V power, up to 32GB eMMC, and mini-PCIe. Kingdy, an embedded boards and systems manufacturing subsidiary of Taiwan-based Hong Jue, has announced two flavors of a compact, 130 x 92 x 42mm embedded computer and remote management field controller designed for industrial automation applications. The 0 to 60°C range TB-045S and otherwise identical, -20 to 70°C resistant TB-045W,...